Il primo e l’ultimo vero ristorante italiano prima di arrivare a Milano – PIU’

Restaurant PIU’

‘was created in 2009. It consistently follows over 30 year culinary experience of its owners.
According to our international guests, PIU ‘is one of the best restaurants, not only in Poland. The need for consistency and aesthetic quality of cuisine, is sometimes the subject of sarcastic comments of those for whom the quality of motor oil in the car is more important than this : the fuel for their bodies.
PIU’ s does not copy anyone, does not force itself to be trendy, is never in a bad mood. PIU’ is consistent in the pursuit of fascinating its guests with the quality of culinary creativity.

However, bearing in mind that PIU ‘, as one of the few restaurants in Poland, cooking at 100% a la carte, and each of the chefs ( as well as the products) is an individual, you can be sure that you will encounter a difference of tastes which only emphasizes the creativity … please do not expect us to be ordinary.

We hope that you will soon give us a chance to infatuate you with our specialties or that you will just come to eat!
From love for food, thanking God for giving the appetite to the rich and the restaurant to the poor.

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